About sombrerobeach

   We are an independent studio music project based in Germany and named ourselves after our favorite beach in the beautiful Florida Keys. This is because we prefer sounds that allow the listener to feel good, relax and chill out. ​But we also like good beats and even do the occasional hard rock song if we feel like it. Our music combines Pop, Rock, Electronica, sometimes RnB and even Classic or Jazz. Most important is that it sounds and feels good. In our vision music should help with recreation and relaxation. So, just relax, listen and chill...


   The creative people behind sombrerobeach are Ina and Andreas. While the project gained real momentum only since 2018, Andreas has already been composing and playing drums, piano and keyboards since he was a kid. He started the project alone making purely instrumental tracks for many years. He still writes and plays all of sombrerobeach's music and would name the Electric Light Orchestra, Madness, Pet Shop Boys, but also David Bowie and Kate Bush as the probably biggest influencers on his music writing. His wife Ina is responsible for most of the lyrics and ideas for song themes, with Andreas closely working with her. While session singers are hired from time to time, Ina and Andreas also sing many songs themselves. Ina is also designing most of the song and album covers and plays the Saxophone and Flutes.

   Biggest achievement is the album SEASONS, released in 2020, with 10 tracks all themed around the different times of the year, including a very particular Christmas rock song. The album has not only been published online (over 100,000 streams on Spotify) but also as a CD with a 12-page color booklet.

   Since then a new song was released about once a month with growing success and followership on Spotify. Our Christmas-EP of December 2021 was streamed over 45,000 times. For most of our recent songs we also created and released music videos on YouTube and Dailymotion.